Welcome to this website. Here you will find some information abut me and my work as a biblical scholar. My most recent book is a commentary on the book of Job and its consequences through the ages. As I am able, I will post additional materials on Job that I was not able to incorporate in the book, including pieces in the visual and performing arts and literary references and allusions to Job. So be on the lookout!


Job 1-21: Reviews

“A dazzling combination of sophisticated linguistic work and profound theological insights. Seow is an ideal commentator on what is arguably the most challenging book—linguistically and theologically—in the Hebrew Bible.”

James Kugel, Bar-Ilan University


About Me

C. L. Seow, born and raised in Singapore, is the Henry Snyder Gehman Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary. His research and teaching interests are in the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, the history of ancient Israelite religion, Northwest Semitic philology, Hebrew poetry, theological interpretation of the Bible and the history of biblical interpretation and reception.